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The owner will go out of his way to help and answer questions.

Microfiber SCRUB 13-inch Agitation Bonnet


Still undecided might be a little thin for heavy soil have to change them out more often work in progress.

Basic Coatings Swivel Head Mop and Pole (With 1 Microfiber Cleaning Pad) - 98551-0112.

I like it
I really like the pad . It holds the water well and didn't leave any smears or lines on the floor. I like the I can undo the pole and that it doesn't have metal pieces that through time rust up and become impossible to take apart .

Customer service

Customer service and willingness to go the extra mile for their customer. These guys are great!


Wonderful product

Excellent product

Received quickly and personalized note was awesome to see. This stuff works better than any other product I have used. Wish I would’ve known about this before. Thank you to YouTube.

Orbot Vibe

Absolutely love the Vibe. Our first job was a 20,000 sq ft church that hadnt been cleaned in 17 years. With DS2 and scrub bonnets we knocked it out of the park.
Thanks Excellent Supply!

Amazing scrub pads

The scrub pads are awesome, amazing technology the way they hold so much soil. I recently used them on a 10,000 sq fr commercial job and the carpets came out very nice.

FiberPlus pads great for extraction !

Yesterday cleaned a office with new 17” FiberPlus pad by having helper spray a head of my machine, made fast work of it, looked great ! Washed out pad, will get quite a few cleans out of that one pad. Great process ! Thanks, Rick

Great quality

Superzorb Pads work exceptionally well under the orbot Vibe. They are aggressive enough to agitate and absorb without wearing out on commercial grade carpets. After comparing with other types of pads, I think these are the best option.

The Microfiber Scrub Bonnets are awesome. they work well under the Vibe

Releasit Encap-Spot Encapsulation Spot Cleaner and Odor Remover

Works great!!!

FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (Case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies (for 19" Cimex)

Orbot Vibe and encapsulation agents

From the moment of my order trough the moment we got our unit ,Excellent supply support Team was in touch . Exceptional customer service and Excellent line of products ! We will be purchasing more of there products definitely in near future and again ,Thank you for great service!

Great customer service

Spent time making sure I got the correct product. Use to be a loyal Jon don customer. Jon don got to big for the small guy. I’m switching to excellent supply. Where they know how to treat the customer no matter how big the account or how small. Danny / Carpet Max

Great pads

The Fiber plus carpet cleaning pads are easy enough to glide across the fibers and are aggressive enough for soil removal. Work very well on commercial grade carpets that are very soiled.

Fiberplus pads are the best. I’ve used several other brands this is one is by far superior for long lasting.

Quick service

I received my parts in a timely fashion, and the service was great

Good bonnet pads

I like the tuway pads they are perfect for my carpet cleaning business.

It's the bomb !

Been using Releasit Encap-Spot Encapsulation Spot Cleaner and Odor Remover since encap became popular 20 years ago and it's always been my go to spotter !