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Releasit Brand

Releasit Encapsulation Detergents

There’s a carpet cleaning revolution going on and you’re invited. 
Releasit has set the standard for encapsulation carpet cleaning detergents. Releasit's blend of cleaning agents and Crystalon3 polymer captures soil and holds it in suspension until it can be recovered during routine post-vacuuming. This oil-loving crystalizing polymer makes it easy to maintain heavily soiled high-traffic carpet. Releasit's soil-resistant properties helps the carpet to stay clean longer! With Releasit, there's no soil-attracting residue left behind.

Encapsulation defined: Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a low-moisture cleaning method where a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet fibers, forming crystals around dirt particles. These crystals are then vacuumed away, encapsulating and removing the soil. This technique is known for quick drying times and effective dirt removal. Releasit has set the standard for being the best encapsulation in the carpet cleaning industry!

  • Releasit Sample 3-Pack

    Releasit Sample 3-Pack


    Releasit Encap Sample 3-PackChoose 3 Samples of the world's best encapsulation carpet cleaning products!  Limit: 1 Sample Pack per customer EN...

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