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Tips for Running the Cimex

Written by: Rick Gelinas



Time to read 2 min

A few tips to help you get the best results with your new Cimex...

This is the most common Cimex method:  [Make a fast wet-pass, followed by a slow dry-pass.] 1. To make your wet-pass, walk at a moderately fast pace, squeezing the solution trigger the entire time. You shouldn't see much foam on this pass. 2. Double back and make a mostly dry-pass, walking at a slower pace. On the "dry" pass you can tap the trigger occasionally to keep the pads damp. You should start to see a light whitening layer of thin foam on this pass.   Starting the Cimex: It's recommended that you lubricate the pads before starting the machine on carpet. Lift the head of the Cimex slightly and turn on the motor. With the pads spinning above the carpet, squeeze the solution trigger for a couple of seconds. This will dampen the pads. After the pads are moist, gently ease the pads down to the carpet as you push the machine forward. Lubricating the pads before you clean carpet reduces strain on the belt and motor.   Time delay: Keep in mind - you're working with a gravity fed machine, so there's a slight delay in the flow. The flow is not instant. It takes a couple of seconds for the juice to flow through the pads, after you pull the trigger. And it takes a couple of seconds for the pads to dry up, once you let the trigger go.   Your Passes: On account of the time delay factor, you'll want to adjust your trigger squeeze. Figure on a second or two delay when you start a pass or finish a pass. This will allow the pads to fill up; or to spin out. 1. Let go of the trigger a couple of steps before the end of the wet-pass. 2. Squeeze the trigger a couple of steps before the end of the dry-pass.   Confined Areas: When working in confined areas, it's not generally possible to use the wet-pass / dry-pass approach. In tight areas, like working around furnishings, "feathering" the trigger will be most effective. Continuously tap the trigger lightly to limit the flow of solution. Never hold the trigger wide open in a confined area. Apply the solution gradually, being careful to avoid over-wetting the carpet.    Stopping the Cimex: There's a fair amount of juice inside the head of the machine. So make sure you spin out the pads, before walking away from the machine. You'll leave 3 wet spots on the carpet if you fail to do this. Spin out the pads by running the machine dry for a couple of seconds.   Pads vs Brushes: FiberPlus pads spread the juice more evenly than brush bristles can. The pads fill up like a sponge and evenly disperse solution to the carpet. Using pads will allow you to apply less solution. The pads also connect more tightly with the carpet, so they provide greater agitation.   Solution Coverage:  You should be able to clean approximately 300 sq ft of carpet - per gallon of diluted Releasit, using FiberPlus pads. Avoid over-wetting the carpet. Less is best with encapsulation cleaning.   Your New Dance Partner: As you become comfortable with the Cimex, you'll get a feel for how to move her across the floor. You'll get your dance steps down. Be patient and follow the suggestions above. In no time you'll be a Cimex expert!   Enjoy your new Cimex!