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• Releasit Bio-Encap GREEN Encapsulation Detergent - (4 Gallon) [Encap]

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BIO-ENCAP DS Green Encapsulation Detergent

"Green Doesn't Have To Be Wimpy"

(Double Strength)
32:1  4-ounces per gallon

Releasit BIO-ENCAP DS is safer for the environment.
Cleaning commercial carpets with Releasit products has always been an environmentally responsible approach to carpet care... No hazardous ingredients, minimal water consumption, no wastewater produced, etc. 

Releasit BIO-ENCAP Green Encapsulation takes environmentally sensitive cleaning a step further.
Each raw ingredient in BIO-ENCAP has been screened and evaluated to safely address these key criteria:

  1. Impact on the environment
  2. Safety for the cleaning technician
  3. Safety for the building occupants
  4. Overall effectiveness
BIO-ENCAP brings you classic Releasit performance, genuine crystallizing encapsulation, and "green" certification.
"Our objectives in developing BIO-ENCAP was to first of all make it effective. After all, what good is any green encapsulation product if it doesn't clean well? We also wanted to make sure it encapsulates with a true crystallizing polymer. In this case a new environmentally friendly bio-polymer was employed. And of course we wanted to insure that the product would be environmentally sound. We're pleased to say that BIO-ENCAP has achieved what we set out to do" (Rick Gelinas - Releasit Founder)


Enviropact: Safer for the environment and you

PRE-CLEANING NOTE: As with all cleaning products - ALWAYS TEST any questionable fabric to establish (wet-cleaning compatibility and color-fastness) in an inconspicuous spot prior to cleaning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard Thomas
Encap Bio feedback

The smell of the solution isn't as good as some of the other cleaners on the market. Is there an additive you recommend, like something citrus like, which would improve it?

Hey Richard,
Thank you for the feedback. It's true that we try to avoid saturating our products with a heavy fragrance. But if you'd like to give it a citrus scent bump, a very easy way to get there is to add a few drops of 'sweet orange essential oil' per tankful. A very small amount is all it takes to bring out a nice orange scent. Sweet orange essential oil is inexpensive and can be purchased at your local drug store, health food store, or on Amazon.

Donald Stiehl

Have been using this product for over 5 years. Great product that yields fabulous results. Clients always happy with end result!. Highly recommend!

Roger Schemmer
Another Great Product from Releasit

Another superior product. We have come to depend on the great quality and results that we get from Excellent Supply. Bio Encap works, smells great, and is a hit with our customers

Al Taylor
An Excellent Supply of Cleaner

Bio-Encap is a Powerhouse Encap-cleaner. After paying close attention to the serviceable areas during cleaning, I noticed that it produces exceptional immediate results. Then as carpet dries the appearance of the carpet seems to become even more so. Coupled with its cleaning power its a TRULY ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE PRODUCT and its a DfE-Certified Cleaner. I love this cleaner. Thanks Excellent-Supply! Bio-Encap is just that, AN EXCELLENT SUPPLY!

Intended usage: The products available at Excellent Supply are designed for "professional cleaning contractors" and individuals who have received sufficient training in carpet cleaning and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply cannot accept responsibility for outcomes that may arise from the use of these products by untrained end users.

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