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Microfiber Bonnets for Carpet Cleaning

Microfiber Bonnets for Carpet Cleaning

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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Understanding Microfiber Bonnets for Carpet Cleaning

Today we're going to discuss the benefits of using Microfiber Bonnets for Carpet Cleaning. And we'll compare the Microfiber Scrub Bonnets with the Microfiber Glide Bonnets.

Microfiber, An Ideal Material For Bonnet Cleaning

So why would we want to use Microfiber for bonnet cleaning? Let's begin by identifying the bonnet fabrics that are common today. There are 3 standard types of bonnet material: Cotton bonnets (or a cotton/synthetic blend), Synthetic bonnets (or a synthetic blend), and Microfiber bonnets. Microfiber has some unique advantages that we will consider now.

Understanding How Microfiber Fabric Affects Cleaning

As the name MICROFIBER implies, the denier of the fiber is extremely tiny - approximately 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. That enables the yarn to be packed with more strands of fiber making up the cleaning material. Additionally, the strands of fiber resemble an asterisk with its notches and channels. These notches and channels provide more surface areas to capture soil. Another advantage of Microfiber is that it rinses easily.

Why Use Microfiber Bonnets In Your Carpet Cleaning Business

With that list of cool cleaning attributes you can see why Microfiber has become the de facto cleaning medium of the 21st century. For example, perhaps you've noticed that commercial buildings such as hospitals, airports and schools no longer use the old string mops. Instead they've all transitioned over to microfiber flat mops. Why? Simply because they clean more efficiently and more hygienically.

So let's put this all together for carpet cleaning. Do you want to clean faster? Do you want something simple that just works? Microfiber bonnets are a problem solver. They clean and maintain commercial carpet extremely well. And when you factor in their low cost and ease of use, it represents a very practical approach for low moisture carpet cleaning.

Microfiber bonnets have become the most popular choice for encapsulation cleaning. For example the 19" microfiber bonnets are the most popular choice for our Orbot Vibe and TOPS Phoenix customers. Of course we have all sizes for various machines, including 8" bonnets for the Cimex machine and for hand scrubbing with the Drill Driver.

Microfiber SCRUB & Microfiber GLIDE Bonnets Explained

Let's break down the difference between the Microfiber SCRUB bonnets, and the Microfiber Glide bonnets. The Scrub bonnet is constructed varying stripes of yarn in the bonnet. The dark blue stripes are slightly more aggressive,making them perfect for commercial carpet cleaning. The Glide bonnets, as the name implies, glide over the carpet. The glide bonnets are ideal for cut pile carpet, or for any other carpet that you feel could benefit from bonnet cleaning with using agitation.