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Carpet cleaning problem solver

How To Be A Carpet Cleaning Problem Solver

You know how sometimes things just don't go as planned in the carpet cleaning business? We've all had those moments when a customer calls back with a complaint. It can be frustrating, especially when it's due to wicking, a common issue with Commercial Glue Down Carpet (CGD). But no worries, because I've got a simple two-step process that can help you address and correct these issues when they might arise.

First things first, let's talk about the secret weapons you need: Microfiber Scrub Bonnets and Releasit Encap-HydrOx. These two products are going to be your new best friends when it comes to tackling problem areas.

Step one: Start off by equipping your rotary or orbital machine with the Microfiber Scrub Bonnets. These bonnets are not only excellent at providing effective scrubbing action, but they also work wonders in trapping dirt and debris. Trust me, their effectiveness will amaze you.

Step two: Now, here's where the action happens. Prepare a solution of Encap-HydrOx by following the recommended dilution rates. This powerful hydrogen peroxide based carpet cleaner lifts stubborn soil, corrects browning, and brings wicking under control. Encap-HydrOx will encapsulate the soil that's causing the carpet to look bad, giving your carpets a fresh and clean appearance.

Once you've prepared the solution, apply it to the carpet in an even pattern and then slowly scrub with your bonnet machine. Take your time and focus on scrubbing the problem areas thoroughly. The Microfiber Scrub Bonnets will pull soil from the fiber, and the Encap-HydrOx will encapsulate the grunge. Encap-HydrOx is also highly effective on water stains, ice melt walk-off, and any organic-based soil residue.

By following this simple two-step process, you'll be able to handle carpet cleaning problems with ease. Stay calm, listen to your customer's concerns, and assure them that you're on top of it. This simple approach will make you look like a rockstar!

So, the next time a customer calls back with a complaint, don't panic. Grab your Microfiber Scrub Bonnets, mix up some Encap-HydrOx, and get ready to turn things around. With this dynamic duo in your arsenal, you'll be a carpet cleaning superhero in no time!