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Written by: Rick Gelinas



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A Solution for Problematic Carpet Sections

The Cimex is widely recognized as an exceptional encap scrubber for commercial carpets, particularly when paired with FiberPlus pads. However, the small 8" bonnet size make it less effective for straight-up bonnet cleaning. Nevertheless, in certain situations where stubborn carpet sections resist traditional encap cleaning, utilizing 8" bonnets on the Cimex can be a game-changer. Perhaps it's a high-traffic entryway, an elevator carpet, carpeting at a retail counter, etc. This article explores the effectiveness of this approach and highlights how it can restore the appearance of problematic carpets.

Limitations of the Cimex in Bonnet Cleaning

The Cimex is highly effective in encap cleaning thanks to its innovative planetary scrubbing action. The results are truly impressive when used with FiberPlus pads. However, the Cimex falls short when it comes to traditional bonnet cleaning due to the limitations of its small 8" bonnets. It struggles to achieve complete cleaning in situations where persistent stains or heavily soiled areas need extra attention.

Wait! Check Out The Role of Bonnets in Carpet Restoration

We'll now discuss a specific situation where 8" bonnets can work wonders on the Cimex carpet cleaning machine. Picture this: You've just completed a normal encap cleaning with the Cimex, but there's a persistent section of the carpet that seems immune to your best efforts. It's simply resistant to encap cleaning. Using bonnets on the Cimex can be your secret weapon to achieve outstanding results. 

A Simple Process To Finish Off The Carpet

SImply attach 8" bonnets to the Cimex and make a few additional dry passes using damp bonnets. These final passes ensure that even those stubborn sections will clean up beautifully. It's like giving your carpets an extra boost, ensuring they look their absolute best.

8" Bonnets Belong In Your Cimex Toolbox

So, the next time you encounter a challenging section of carpet that refuses to budge during regular encap cleaning with the Cimex, remember that 8" bonnets can be your go-to solution for excellent results. Finishing off a problem section with bonnets can provide a consistent appearance. Give it a try and see how these small bonnets added to your normal encap process can make all the difference.