Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing | 7-Part Marketing Series -

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing | 7-Part Marketing Series

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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This 7-Part Marketing Series Will Help You Grow Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business

1 Components of Marketing

Build your brand. Make sure all your marketing pieces complement each other. And make sure your marketing is commercial-focused (don't push the residential button if you plan to dominate commercial).

2 Niche Marketing / Farming

Farming will build your commercial carpet cleaning business faster. Rather than wasting resources and time marketing to a wide audience, narrow your audience to a select few. Hand-pick the accounts you'd really like to land and go after them.

3 Getting past The Gate Keeper

Getting past the Gate Keeper. In every business there's a front-line person who has the job of screening who gets to talk to the VIP's. They can keep you from getting to the person responsible for hiring carpet cleaning service. This little trick will help you get past the Gate Keeper.

4 Making The Presentation

This is where the rubber meets the road. Making a strong presentation coupled with a thorough carpet inspection will set you apart from every other carpet cleaner in your market.

5 Bidding On The Account

 This question gets asked probably more than any other... How do you bid the account? Here's a simple approach that's proven to work well in our business.

6 Offer a Rock-Solid Guarantee

 Now put the cherry on top. If you've done everything in the previous 5 videos you've already demonstrated that you're the best contractor in town to clean their commercial carpet. Lay down a rock-solid guarantee and the deal is done! The customer is yours.

7 Growing Your Business With Employees

 OK this is not so much a marketing tip as it is a business strategy. One that will help you run a turnkey system. After all, who wants to put out fires? Running a commercial carpet cleaning business that runs like clockwork is what it's all about. Here we put the 2 E's together (Encap & Employees). Watch how the numbers add up to building a bulletproof business model.