Cimex VS Vibe

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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Cimex VS Vibe - Which one is the best carpet scrubber?

We sometimes get questions from customers asking how the Cimex compares to the Vibe. The Cimex VS Vibe video compares some of the differences between these two popular carpet cleaning scrubbers. 

There is some crossover between the 2 machines. Both have an excellent reputation in the carpet cleaning industry. They also have some unique differences. 

The Cimex machine is a long-proven workhorse that's perfect for mid-sized to large commercial carpet cleaning accounts. On the other hand, the Vibe is a very maneuverable machine that crosses over between mid-sized commercial carpet cleaning as well as residential carpet cleaning. 

Of course a lot of the decision on which machine to buy comes down to what types of applications a person would like to use the machine for. At any rate, we thought a short video might help to clarify a few of the key features of the Cimex machine and the Orbot Vibe.