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Customer Reviews

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Christina Cheek

Love the Cimex machine work’s great

Russell Allen

A great time saver. Machine is amazing and does a great job on carpets.

Chase Turri
Great customer service

I own a cimex already. It has done very well for me and has made me a lot of profit, where I have more ppl working so I decided to buy another one it is a great addition to the business

Brian C

All appears to be great as advertised. Have not had the opportunity to use the scrubber yet.

Marcus Anderson

Cimex Carpet Scrubber CR48 | 19 inch with Pad Drivers, 4 Gallons Releasit, Case FiberPlus Pads

Aaron Vasquez

Excellent Supply is Always on point, great customer service, rapid response, very knowledgeable

Scott DeRuyter
Great machine

I was formerly borrowing a 16 year old cimex and it was still going but this new one is a dream used it the next day after I got it , almost paid for itself already 😀

Dustin Overstreet
A great machine!- a great company!

I didn't realize that I never left a review for the Cimex I bought from Excellent Supply. I bought it years ago w/ the big wheel kit and it is my favorite piece of equipment. The scrubbing this machine does is unsurpassed. I have done and continue to do long stretches of rat nasty commercial (section 8) hallways and this thing does 100% better than my truck-mount ever did and with far less effort and water. I've also used it on tons of office buildings & bldgs attached to warehouses and it it works so much better than my other machines. I've been using Excellent Supply for many years now also and they are as close to a perfect a supplier as you will find. NEVER any issues and if I did have an issue they are on it like white on rice. I trust them completely. Their DS2 and Hydrox for coffee and pretty much anything else the DS2 can't handle, are the best products I've used. They just work and work great! If you are still hesitant to buy one of these after reading all these positive reviews I don't know what else to say. I was nervous when first plunking down my hard-earned money but so so so glad I did.

Note: The only suggestion I have is run some clean water through it when you get home or back to the shop so the lines don't gunk up. Also, if you pull the trigger and the solution doesn't come out the line is probably stuck together at the solution line "close-point". Just pinch the line open and that has worked for me every time. I have had zero issues with my Cimex.

Andy Thompson

I run maintenance at a large orthopaedic clinic. The building has approx. 6000 to 7000 patients a month so the carpet was heavily abused. My extractor was not doing a very desirable job. Leaving the carpet to wet and resorting to having to extract on Fridays. the cimax is awesome and very fast. I am extremely pleased and the staff members are amazed as well.

Felipe Silvestre

I am very satisfied with this Cimex! It is extremely useful. Highly recommend!

Intended usage: The products available at Excellent Supply are designed for "professional cleaning contractors" and individuals who have received sufficient training in carpet cleaning and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply cannot accept responsibility for outcomes that may arise from the use of these products by untrained end users.

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