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Encap I Am :-)

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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Encap I Am

Here's a take on a childhood favorite...

Would you encap here or there? 

I would not encap anywhere.

I do not like encapsulate.

HWE will be my fate.

Would you like it in a store?

Nope. Status quo, I am a bore.

Would you use it in a mall?

I do not use encap at all.

Would you use it in on a chair?

I will not use it anywhere.

Would you encap a great big job?

No I am a truckmount snob.

Would you? Could you? In a bar?

If was drunk I'd go that far.

Would you encap spots that wick?

I won't encap, it makes me sick.

Would you try it with big Mike?

Encapsulation - I do not like!

A brain! A brain!

A brain! A Brain!

Would you encap with a brain?

If I had a brain perhaps.

I'd try a sample of encaps.

You do not like it.

So you say.

Try it. Try it.

Try some today.


If you'll let me be.

I'll try Releasit.

You will see.

Hey! I like this encap thing.

It really makes my carpets sing!

I think I like Releasit best.

This one is better than the rest!

It is so good, so good you see!

Cleans the carpet efficiently.

I'll use Releasit from now on.

No longer be a one-horse pawn.

I'm glad I tried it. Yes I am.

Encap has made a big grand slam!

So I will encap in a store.

Encap cleaning's not a chore.

I now will encap in a mall.

I do love encap after all!

I will use encap on a chair.

In fact, I'll use it everywhere!

I really like encap, my friend!

It makes me money, and that's the end.

Now I'm hooked, I am a fan.

Thank you, Thank you, Encapman!