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SpotzBrush - Kit de cepillo para manchas para quitar manchas de alfombras y quitar manchas

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El cepillo para manchas SpotzBrush es el cepillo perfecto para la eliminación de manchas en alfombras y la eliminación de manchas. El SpotzBrush tiene cerdas más suaves (azul claro) para fibra de alfombra normal y cerdas firmes (azul oscuro) para una eliminación de manchas más agresiva en alfombras comerciales.

Este nuevo cepillo es lo suficientemente firme para hacer el trabajo rápidamente. Si te tomas en serio el manchado de alfombras, échale un vistazo a este. Tiene más mordida para los puntos difíciles. Y tiene cerdas que llegan hasta los bordes para que puedas llegar hasta la pared. También viene con un cuarto gratis de Encap-Spot.

¡El SpotzBrush hace que la limpieza de manchas sea más fácil que nunca! No hay necesidad de un extractor, mangueras, cables o baldes. Todo lo que necesita es SpotzBrush y Releasit Encap-Spot. Simplemente rocíe la mancha con Releasit, dé unas cuantas pinceladas con el SpotzBrush y listo... ¡Eso es todo! Y dado que está usando Releasit, nunca tendrá que preocuparse por las manchas recurrentes o de absorción.

Aquí hay un consejo: puede proporcionar "Limpieza de manchas" para sus clientes de una manera muy simple. Sin necesidad de arrastrar ningún equipo al interior del edificio. Simplemente puede caminar por el edificio con SpotzBrush y un rociador con una mezcla de detergente para alfombras encapsulado RELEASIT, o con una botella de RELEASIT ENCAP-SPOT y un rociador de gatillo. Puede dar servicio rápidamente a todo el edificio. Muchos limpiadores ahora están utilizando este enfoque simple para brindar un "Servicio gratuito de manchas" para sus clientes comerciales.

El SpotzBrush viene con un mango telescópico ajustable y un cuarto de galón GRATIS de Encap-Spot (incluye rociador de gatillo).
Kit SpotzBrush con un cuarto de Encap-Spot y rociador de gatillo

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stephen Mobley
Handle broke but Excellent Supply sent a New Brush and bottle of Spotter

After Excellent supply learned that the handle broke on the Brush, they sent us a new Brush and a Bottle of Spotter. They are very attentive and provide Excellent Customer Service.

Hi Stephen,
I'm sorry that you managed to break the handle. We've sold tons of these brushes and I think yours is the first one that's broken. Our customers have found that the brush works great for carpet spotting, and that the lightweight pole is sufficient for carpet scrubbing. The lightness of the handle makes it easy to work with. Scrubbing carpet spots is moderately gentle work, so the lightweight pole doesn't normally come under too much pressure. Perhaps the pole broke while transporting in the van or in some unrelated way? At any rate, you're dealing with Excellent Supply, so there's always a recourse. No need to write a negative review, just reach out to us and we can send you a replacement pole, or issue a refund. We will ALWAYS take good care of our customers. We'll be happy to send out a replacement pole today. Let us know if you run into any other problems, or if there's anything we can do to assist you. And I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!

Allen Gayden
Encap cleaning

The combination of Releasit carpet cleaning solution and bonnet encapsulation cleaning process is amazing. Our staff is overjoyed with the results in the cleanliness and drying time this process allow for customers to walk on the carpet after completion. Our custodial team here at the City of Concord is forever grateful for the improvement of our carpet cleaning process. Your solution is what the carpet cleaning industry needed. Thank You!

Stan Kowalski
spotzbrush is a must have mfor your tool box

we use this brush for grooming plush carpet, as well as agitating spot cleaning treatments. It also makes a pretty good back scratcher. Thanks excellent supply!

Whiz Kid
Spots Brush Kit

This spots brush kit works so good. I would recommend this tool and cleaner to everyone.

janet persons
Excellent Supply=Excellent Product

Been using this product (the brush comes with the spotter product) for years at home and the company I work for uses it for clients as well. Works the best of any. Sorry I went off the rails and tried another brand. Never again!

Adam Vasquez
Cleaning chemicals

Easy to work with and the products are great

Spotting brush

Great tool makes spotting easy.
And the spotter works great.
Excellent customer service at excellent supply

Gabe Adabashi
spotting brush

great tool. I use it on stairs. and rugs for touch up along with Encap. Handle needs to be stronger.

William Hieronymus
Great Brush

I love how the bristles are so close together, great for agitating the carpet and also scrubbing stains. Also love how you have two different stiffness types of bristles for different types of carpet. Great brush!


Nice convenient tool that makes spotting easy and efficient. Worth every penny.