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Pulverizador a batería Gentoo – GEN2.0


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    Penguin Gentoo es el rociador compacto a batería perfecto para aplicaciones de limpieza de alfombras. Aplicar pre-pulverización, detergente de encapsulación o protector. También es ideal para aplicaciones desinfectantes utilizando nuestra varilla pulverizadora desinfectante opcional.

      • Capacidad: 2,5 galones
      • De pilas
      • Recubrimiento en polvo/construcción totalmente de acero.
      • Bomba eléctrica de 90 PSI
      • NUEVO sello de Viton resistente a químicos en la bomba
      • NUEVA batería de litio de 12 voltios, más liviana y de mayor duración
      • Duración de la batería (tiempo de funcionamiento en el mundo real durante todo el día)
      • Cargador de batería inteligente
      • Pistola pulverizadora con manguera de 48"
      • Lanza de aluminio (18"L)
      • Chorro de pulverización ajustable
      • Cable del cargador de CA
      • La unidad pesa 8,3 libras.

      Características de Gentoo

      Uso previsto: Los productos vendidos en Excellent Supply están destinados a ser utilizados por "contratistas de limpieza profesionales" o aquellos que han sido capacitados en los diversos aspectos del mantenimiento de alfombras y superficies duras. Excellent Supply no es responsable de los resultados obtenidos por usuarios finales no capacitados.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Jeff Dow

      Gentoo Battery Sprayer – GEN2.0

      Jeremy S
      Excellent sprayer

      Been using this sprayer for every job and it has been great.

      Greg Mayes
      Best sprayer

      This is my second Gentoo sprayer. Major improvements. My old one lasted 5 years. This one is lighter, more powerful, and the best. Get one. I install a v jet.

      Must Get

      What I love about the sprayer is that it works when plugged directly to the wall when the battery is down. The best example I can describe about the sprayer is like picking up a fake plastic gun vs the real one. It just speaks for itself. Thank you excellent supply for being ahead on your stocking. Other companies would receive a payment and then write you an email that they don't have It. For all your carpet needs check with excellent supply first.

      Bruce Parsons
      Might have to customize

      The Penguin Gentoo Sprayer PR600 is a very good and well built sprayer. We have used them and the larger models for years. In fact the the one I'm replacing with we have used for over 12 years! I think other then a pump and a battery, everything else continues to run. This sprayer will last for many years if your just using it for pre-spray. However, if you plan to use it for spraying down any kind of solvent or fluoguard protector the hose that comes with the sprayer will not last more then a week or so. What happens is the hose becomes extremely hard and inflexible due to the solvent. We found the curly hose that came with the larger 5 gallon sprayer kept it's elasticity and never hardened. I believe it was made of polypropylene and therefore it is not affected. It took some doing but we modified ours to use the polypropylene hose and never had a problem. We also modified the lance using a brake line. It's lighter and much longer. The reason we do this is to keep the product closer to the carpet and far away from the applier's shoes and uniform. The sprayer is worth the money and I highly recommend it.

      Devin Kasper

      Works great

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