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Cimex Big Boy Wheel Kit Actualizar 10 pulgadas para todas las máquinas Cimex


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Kit de ruedas para niño grande

Actualización de ruedas de 10” para todas las máquinas Cimex

Juego de ruedas semineumáticas de goma blanda de 10 pulgadas con eje de acero inoxidable. ¡Reemplace las ruedas Cimex originales de 7 pulgadas que vienen con su máquina Cimex con la actualización del nuevo kit de ruedas Big Boy! Estas ruedas semineumáticas de 10” tienen rodamientos de bolas sellados que ruedan suavemente sobre todas las superficies. Y los neumáticos semineumáticos flexibles están fabricados con caucho que no deja marcas. Es una mejora fenomenal para la mejor máquina limpiadora de alfombras del mercado. Lleve su fregadora de alfombras Cimex al siguiente nivel con Big Boy Wheels. ¡Esta actualización cambia las reglas del juego para Cimex!

Beneficios del kit de ruedas Big Boy:
  1. Rueda sobre la alfombra y el suelo con menos esfuerzo.
  2. La máquina pasa más fácilmente sobre bordillos, escalones y baches.
  3. Facilita el transporte del Cimex hacia y desde el lugar de trabajo.
El kit de ruedas Big Boy incluye:
  • Un acero inoxidable (actualizado el eje galvanizado estándar)
  • Una nueva pieza en T, que puede ser necesaria ya que el eje antiguo se corroe
  • Ruedas semineumáticas de 10 pulgadas con rodamientos sellados

Uso previsto: Los productos vendidos en Excellent Supply están destinados a ser utilizados por "contratistas de limpieza profesionales" o aquellos que han sido capacitados en los diversos aspectos del mantenimiento de alfombras y superficies duras. Excellent Supply no es responsable de los resultados obtenidos por usuarios finales no capacitados.

¡Excelente suministro está aquí para ayudarlo a maximizar su Encap!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Zachary Wilson
Big boys are the real deal

Only thing I regret is not purchasing sooner. So much easier to roll and glides over the cords with ease

Danny Thomas
Big Boy Wheel Kit Review

Makes it a bit easier to maneuver and work with

Rick Knoefler
Big wheel kit.

Awesome customer service. The most honest company I’ve ever used. 100% recommend.

Christopher Prokesch

Good, makes the machine more maneuverable

Jeremy Shankle
Excellent Product

Purchase these wheels to put on my new Cimex. The installation video made it really easy to figure out. I used it once already, and can't wait to use it again. Awesome purchase and will be purchasing more in the future. Just wish they were cheaper :)

Brent Sanderson
Well worth the $$

I pulled my Cimex around for a year with the stock wheels, these big wheels are a huge improvement! Stairs are so much easier to get up and down. They really are worth the money!


I purchased the Big Boy wheel kit for a slightly used Cimex I purchased. Unfortunately when I received the item it had the axle for the smaller 15" model, whereas mine was the 19". The Excellent Supply staff was not only assisting me with great tech support to do the replacement, but that's where we realized the incorrect axle was shipped. The tech didn't say, oh, contact the office, instead he said let me take care of this immediately and we'll have a replacement shipped to asap (and I believe this was his day off - gotta love that commitment). The replacement arrived a few days later and the install went smooth. I understand when things don't always go as planned, but it's how the ES staff handled the mishap that keeps this at a 4 star rating. I could almost give it a 5 star, but honestly I know I should only use that many stars if there was no issue at all. I'm hopeful that ES staff will make some adjustment to their online ordering of this item so the person orders is sure to receive the correct kit. Also, the directions look great with pic's and all, but it seems like they could use a revision for some clarification on a couple of areas (unscrewing the rod by relieving the pressure on the rod by moving the tank slightly forward, and noting that some units will need to have the set screws removed which are holding the axle in place).

Kevin Pearson

The big boy wheels make life a lot easier going up and down stairs with the Cimex. We have two Cimex machines and both of them have the big boy wheels and there is no comparison between the big boy wheels and the original small wheels the Cimex comes with.

Jon Erickson
Owner, Ultimate Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

These wheels are a huge improvement over the original Cimex wheels. The machine is much easier to push and does not bunch up the carpet. The replacement process was easy and the parts are high quality. In Minnesota, we sometimes have to pull machines over ice and snow to get into buildings, a fact many manufacturers neglect to notice. These wheels will give new life to your Cimex.

Executive Cleaning

Outstanding product. The cimex maneuvers much easier and I can clean for longer periods of time without fatigue and hunching over just to push the machine. The attachment system is better too. The old style hubs used to hit and get caught in doorways when I cleaned apartment high rises. The new design, without the hubs, makes edging the indented entrance doors effortless.

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