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Hydrogen peroxide encapsulation for Residential Carpet cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide encapsulation for Residential Carpet cleaning

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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Residential carpet has found a friend... Encap-HydrOx for residential carpet cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide encapsulation for Residential Carpet cleaning is catching on the carpet cleaning industry. While we've never really been a big promoter of encap methods for residential carpet cleaning, Encap-Hydrox  has become increasingly popular. To the point that we have to perhaps readjust our assessment of encapsulation on residential carpet.

Our primary focus at Excellent Supply has always been "commercial carpet". Our background comes from that side of the industry. So everything we do at Excellent Supply is pretty much geared toward commercial.

But most of our customers also clean some residential carpet. And being the enterprising entrepreneurs that they are, some of them like to push the envelope. Which brings me to the point of this discussion.

Several of our customers are really liking the results they're getting on residential carpet using Encap-Hydrox. Some of them are cleaning with CRB machines, some are using the Cimex, and some are using orbital machines. So why does Encap-HydrOx do so well when it comes to residential carpet cleaning?

Why Encap-HydrOx fits well for residential carpet

Encap-HydrOx is built on a very highly active hydrogen peroxide platform. And it's extremely acidic too. The combination of strong hydrogen peroxide in an acid based detergent enables it to efficiently cut through organic based soils and browning. It also brightens the carpet - particularly lighter colored carpet that is common in a residential setting.

Considering that a considerable amount of the soil you'll encounter in a house is "organic" based soil, it's easy to se why Encap-HydrOx has caught on. Coffee spills, wine drips, pet spots, food stains, walked in yard dirt - all are organic in nature. And Encahp-HydrOx knocks these types of stains out easily.

So whether your using a CRB machine, an orbital machine, a Cimex machine, a rotary machine, or a combination of these scrubbers, Encap-HydrOx is a good choice when it comes to residential carpet.

A word of caution

Be very careful to avoid distorting residential carpet pile by using too much agitation. Use soft brushes or soft microfiber bonnets. Keep the carpet damp (lubricated). Keep the machine moving, avoid standing in one spot with the machine running on the carpet.

Dwell time is your friend

Clean gently. Rather than over scrubbing the carpet the carpet. It's easy to distort the pile with residential carpet. SO rather than sawing trough the carpet with your machine, add a little extra dwell time to allow the detergent to work. This is especially the case with Encap-HydrOx. Hydrogen peroxide doesn't work like traditional chemistry. Its natural cleaning action requires a little more dwell time.

 Give Encap-HydrOx a try

We are continuing to see a growing number of carpet cleaners using Encap-HydrOx as their primary carpet cleaning detergent for all residential carpet cleaning. Many of them are using it in low moisture encapsulation cleaning applications. Since Encap-HydrOx naturally brightens carpet so well it can really make those residential carpets "pop". And since it's also perfect for organic soil types with its potent hydrogen peroxide formulation, Encap-HydrOx  powers through the toughest residential carpet cleaning jobs.