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Dry Absorbent Compound for Carpet Cleaning

Dry Absorbent Compound for Carpet Cleaning

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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Working With Dry Absorbent Carpet Cleaning Compound

Before we dive into the merits of "dry carpet cleaning" with dry absorbent carpet cleaning (or dry powder cleaning - as it's often called) it may be interesting to look back at the history of powdered carpet cleaning compounds. HOST was the first company to get the ball rolling with a low moisture carpet cleaning powder.

Back in the 1980's, one of the many methods that we tried in our commercial carpet cleaning business was the HOST method. The dry compound method had advantages in certain applications where we needed to keep moisture to a minimum. For example, when we would get called out for an emergency spot cleaning during working hours. Another time I loved using dry compound was on delicate textile; like the precious silk Persian rug that I once restored for a dear friend.  

This brings up the question: Where can we turn for a good dry absorbent carpet cleaning compound? Well for the past several years we have been handling a superior dry compound called Adsorb Ultra. How does Adsorb Ultra compare? Here are a few of the key advantages that you'll experience using Adsorb Ultra.

ADSORB ULTRA: Why It's The The Best Dry Absorbent Compound

Adsorb Ultra dry carpet compound is an extremely low moisture carpet cleaning system. The Adsorb compound lifts and draws soil away from the carpet fiber and into the particles which can then be extracted during the post-vacuum recovery process. You can use Adsorb Ultra in areas where moisture needs to be kept to a minimum, such as nursing homes, schools, hotels, casinos, retail establishments, or any other facility that requires quick drying so foot traffic can be reestablished.

Adsorb Ultra Dry Carpet Cleaner Powder Compound is an advanced dry compound carpet cleaning powder. The consistency of Adsorb Ultra sets it apart. And its detergency is highly effective. Adsorb Ultra is safe for all types of carpet fiber. It's wool friendly and CRI approved. It also carries the USDA Biobased certification, so it has less impact on the environment.

You can safely use Adsorb Ultra for delicate textiles such as wool, silk, sisal, or any other fiber that requires minimal moisture.

Adsorb Ultra’s Unique Particle Size: The particle size of Adsorb Ultra is very consistent. During the manufacturing process, the particulate is filtered to remove fine particles. This ensures a more coarse particle size, and that makes it easier to extract during post-vacuuming.

Adsorb Ultra's Detergency: Adsorb Ultra's absorbent material is saturated with a unique blend of cleaning chemistry. This absorbent  blend enables the cleaning compound to break down and absorb oily soil as the powder gets deeply brushed through the carpet with a CRB machine (such as the BrushEncap).   

Adsorb Ultra And Oily Soil: Adsorb Ultra is also effective in oily conditions. The absorbent material does a good job of drawing oil into the sponge-like powder. From what we have seen, this formulation is unsurpassed for dry absorbent cleaning.

Adsorb Ultra's Cleaning Efficacy: The cleaning ability is excellent! In areas of light to medium soil, Adsorb Ultra doesn't even require pre-spray. In more heavily soiled areas you can pre-spray the carpet with Releasit Encap-Punch prior to cleaning to impart additional cleaning power.

Adsorb Ultra is Safe: It’s safe for all types of fiber.  The Adsorb Ultra formula has Wool Safe certification, CRI approval, and USDA Biobased certification. It’s also safe for building occupants and cleaning technicians.

Adsorb Ultra For Spot Cleaning: You can use Adsorb Ultra for spot cleaning. This is particularly helpful when you need to do spot cleaning during business hours. The carpet can be put back into service very quickly. It's also particularly useful for removing recurring spill stains that could possibly occur through wicking.

How To Use Adsorb Ultra: Simply sprinkle Adsorb Ultra onto the carpet. Then brush over the carpet with the BrushEncap or other cylindrical counter-rotating brush CRB machine. Make slow overlapping passes with the CRB machine. After the carpet has been scrubbed, attach the BrushEncap Renovator collection trays, and pass back over the carpet to recover the soiled Adsorb Ultra powder. The soil-laden powder can also be recovered with a vacuum cleaner. If the carpet is heavily soiled, pre-spray the carpet first with Encap-Punch and allow a few minutes of dwell time before applying Adsorb Ultra.

Working with a high quality dry absorbent cleaning compound can add one more useful tool to the professional cleaners toolbox. There are applications where a good dry absorbent compound can save the day.