Tuway Thin One Carpet Bonnet 19 inch (Case of 6) Carpet Cleaning Bonnet and Floor Buffing

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19 inch Tuway Thin One Bonnets. Case of 6. The Thin-One bonnet from Tuway is a favorite bonnet for OP "oscillating pad" machines, because they are so durable. The Thin-One bonnets are the most durable bonnet/pad on the market. They are not as absorbent as a cotton pad, however if you're cleaning with an Encapsulation Detergent, such as Releasit Encap-Punch, these bonnets work very well. This process is often referred to as "PadCapping". You will be performing the cleaning with two modes of cleaning... 1 absorption via the bonnet, and 2 encapsulation.

Low profile carpet scrubbing bonnet provides excellent cleaning action, with minimal operator fatigue. Also excellent for buffing of resilient floors.
  • Made with synthetic blended Turan yarn.
  • Good absorbency and durability.
  • Ideal for light-soil applications.
  • 50 to 60 washings depending on consistency with Tuway laundry specifications.

Tuway Thin One Carpet Bonnet 19 inch (Case of 6) Carpet


Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dionne Sudberry
Good bonnet pads

I like the tuway pads they are perfect for my carpet cleaning business.

mark bauer
Quality Products delivered promptly

We've always been thrilled with Brian and his Staff. The product we buy is fantastic; Brian's Youtube videos are great Training exercises, and they always make us feel special when we order.

John Borreson
Smooth pad

Nice pad for the price. Used it once so far and stayed intact. It’s funny pads are like chemicals it’s hard to tell which one is better unless you do a side by side comparison on the same carpet. It is a smooth pad on like the white ones with green scrub stripes.if your cleaning late at night with your orbot and people are sleeping this is the pad. less vibration on the floor and good results.

Chris Vowels

Excellent durable pad handles excessive wear and washing