TruckPort 500 psi HEATED Extractor

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TruckPort Hi-Performance Portable 500 PSI Extractor (with heat)

These machines are manufactured at the time they're ordered. Please allow 8-10 week lead time for manufacturing.

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TruckPort Hi Performance Portable Extractor


The TruckPort portable carpet extractor offers tremendous bang for the buck! The new TruckPort portable from Excellent Supply contains all the necessary components to perform well. Extremely well! The TruckPort is equipped with a 500 psi pump, dual 2-stage HiFlow 6.6 vacuum motors for powerful water lift [200"], and on-demand heat. The TruckPort can run comfortably on two 20 amp circuits. And the TruckPort has a Circuit Indicator to determine that you're plugged into separate power circuits.

There's enough power to make the TruckPort a suitable alternative to a truckmount. Naturally, no portable can ever fully match a behemoth truckmount, but sometimes behemoth isn't required. This high powered 12-gallon portable has ample power! It can be used as a backup machine for a truckmount operator, or it can be used as a primary hot water extraction system.

The TruckPort is built in the USA, whereas many cleaning machines are presently built, or sourced, in foreign countries. Some of these imported machines have a poor track record. The TruckPort has been engineered from top to bottom to provide years of reliable service. The extractor's body comes with a lifetime warranty, the vacuum motors have a 2-year warranty, and the 500 psi pump and electrical components carry a 1-year warranty. 

If you're looking for a quality extractor with enough power to actually clean a carpet - the new TruckPort from Excellent Supply will serve your needs extremely well. And best of all, it's priced right too!

  • High-Pressure Adjustable 500 PSI Pump
  • Dual 2 Stage HiFlow 6.6 Vacuum Motors [200" of Water Lift]
  • 1750 Watt Heater for On-Demand Heat
  • 12 Gallon Solution & Recovery Tanks
  • 10" Non-Marking Rear Wheels
  • Lid Design Holds 2 Spray Bottles
  • Runs on Two 20 Amp Circuits
  • Built-in Circuit Indicator
  • Two 25' Power Cords
  • 133 Pounds

200" OF WATER LIFT (As shown on gauge)

TruckPort 500 psi HEATED Extractor

  • TRUCKPORT 500 PSI Extractor Only (With No Wand or Hose)
  • TRUCKPORT With Double-Bend 2-Jet Wand & 25' Vac/Solution Hose
  • TRUCKPORT With Double-Bend 2-Jet Wand & (2) 25' Hoses (with hose cuff coupler) NOTE: Adding an extra 25' will reduce vac performance
  • Free Freight - Details Below

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on body, 2-years on vacuum motors, 1-year on 500 PSI pump and all electrical components, 90-days on tools and accessories.

*How To Get Free Freight:
We provide FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 to any commercial address that has a loading dock or forklift. Or you can pick it  up at your local freight terminal. Call us to arrange shipping (727) 821-2020 

Free Freight


Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

Excellent Supply is here to help you Max Your Encap!

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Customer Reviews

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Alan Huntz

Recently purchased from Excellent Supply and I am totally pleased with the purchase. Believe it's the best value out there for a portable. As usual, the customer service and help provided by Rick and his staff is second to none.

Kenneth Moore

I purchase the truckport 500 psi heated extractor and I must say this is a great machine , it has well over 500 psi for agitation it has 200 inches of water lift that pulls out all the soils from the carpets.The water gets very hot which makes the cleaning solution work better and faster . It's like a small truckmount , i cleaned a three story house I set up 100 feet of hose from the machine and it cleaned like a champ it was very impressive . I'm very pleased with the truckport 500 psi heated extractor . Thanks excellent supply , and the customer service Tanoah and Rodney are first class

Crystal Carpets & Upholstery Care

I put my new Truck Port through a heavy work out yesterday.I was very impressed with the performance.The machine is Quieter then expected, incredible sustained HEAT, Was pushing 575 psi according to Gage which is 75 psi more then advertised. I would highly recommend this unit to fellow C.C. I would like to recommend Truck Port change out the Cuffs on Vac line with higher quality.Mine split the first time I slid into Vac inlet. Thank You Truck Port Crystal Carpets & Upholstery Care LLC Darrin

David Wassenar
owner FiberCare, Inc.

I was a bit skeptical when Rick told me that this machine would give me the airflow I was looking for, but I went ahead and bought because Rick's earned my trust over the years. The Hiflow blowers are very impressive; water recovery with this machine is better than I've experienced with dual 3-stage and triple 2-stage setups. The adjustable pressure is excellent also. The circuit tester works fine, and the heater is adequate (but it won't give you too much of a boost - no 2-cord portable will). The only negative is that I have to bungee the lid on the clean water fill open because the pressure adjustment knob prevents it from staying up. I'd like to see that corrected if possible. All in all, I'm very happy with the machine, and the price is very reasonable.