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SUPERZORB Pads Terrycloth Bonnets 21 inch (Case of 10) Carpet Cleaning Bonnets


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21 inch HOS SUPERZORB OP Pads / Bonnets. Highly Absorbent. Terrycloth Bonnets All White (Case of 10) SUPERZORB pads for OP cleaning.

These highly absorbent 21-inch cotton pads are some of the best you'll find anywhere. Put them up against any other pad in the industry. They're made from a special blend of cotton and polyester. Good durability and absorption are key benefits to these pads. Perfect for all OP and rotary machines where maximum soil-absorption is desired.

Note about Orbital / OP Machines and bonnet wear:

All orbital machines can wear through bonnets quickly, especially OP machines that have a "large-throw" orbital pattern. Adding extra weight to your machine will also accelerate bonnet wear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great quality

Superzorb Pads work exceptionally well under the orbot Vibe. They are aggressive enough to agitate and absorb without wearing out on commercial grade carpets. After comparing with other types of pads, I think these are the best option.

Bill Grohe
Best bonnet to use with the orbot vibe

Perfect fit no hassle great bonnet

John H.
Great Bonnets

Superzorb bonnets are highly absorbent, durable and smooth running. I like them under a Velcro Driver vs Heavy Polypropylene Drivers. I feel they make better contact with the carpet (under a 175) and less likely to tear should it catch a furniture leg.

Ryan Miras
Business Owner

This product rocks! Durability and Quality is excellent. We recommend this product without reservation. We are so glad we found excellent supply, great prices and customer service!

Miramar Beach

These Pads are the best for commercial carpet cleaning applications. Once again, thank you to Excellent Supply for always having what we need to get the job done.

Pat Burke
Owner, eco-pad carpet cleaning

In my opinion these are the best pads on the market for most residential applications. They are carpet friendly and very absorbent.

Jim Trembley

The Superzorb pads are great at agitating the carpet & releasing the dirt into these pads. The do absorb a lot of the liquid, but We still have to go over the carpets at the end with a 100% cotton pad to absorb more of the cleaning solution. I love these pads for commercial carpet. They are easy to wash & dfo a great job at loosening the dirt into the cleaner. I highly recommend these pads to people using the Bonnet Carpet Cleaning System. Works on both commercial & residential Carpets!!

Chris Graves DNU
The very best

I have used every pad out there and these are in the top two. I love them and so do my guys.

Intended usage: The products available at Excellent Supply are designed for "professional cleaning contractors" and individuals who have received sufficient training in carpet cleaning and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply cannot accept responsibility for outcomes that may arise from the use of these products by untrained end users.

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