SpotzBrush - Spotting Brush Kit for Carpet Spot Removal and Stain Removal

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The SpotzBrush spotting brush is the perfect brush for carpet spot removal and stain removal. The SpotzBrush has softer bristles (light blue) for normal carpet fiber, and firm bristles (dark blue) for more aggressive spot removal on commercial carpet.

This new brush is firm enough to get the job done quickly. If you're serious about carpet spotting - give this one a look. It has more bite for tough spots. And it has bristles that run all the way out to the edges so you can get right up to the wall. It also comes with a free quart of Encap-Spot.

The SpotzBrush makes spot-cleaning easier than ever! There's no need for an extractor, hoses, cords or buckets. All you need is the SpotzBrush and Releasit Encap-Spot. Just spray the spot with Releasit, give the spot a few brush strokes with the SpotzBrush and you're done... That's all there is to it! And since you're using Releasit, you won't ever have to worry about wicking or recurring stains.

Here's a tip: You can provide "Spot Cleaning" for your customers in a very simple way. Without needing to drag any equipment into the building. You can simply walk through the building with the SpotzBrush and a sprayer with a mixture of RELEASIT encapsulation carpet detergent, or with a bottle of RELEASIT ENCAP-SPOT and a trigger sprayer. You can quickly service the entire building. Many cleaners are now using this simple approach to provide "Spot Free Service" for their commercial customers.

The SpotzBrush comes with an adjustable telescopic handle, and a FREE Quart of Encap-Spot (includes trigger sprayer).
SpotzBrush kit with a quart of Encap-Spot and trigger sprayer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Allen Gayden
Encap cleaning

The combination of Releasit carpet cleaning solution and bonnet encapsulation cleaning process is amazing. Our staff is overjoyed with the results in the cleanliness and drying time this process allow for customers to walk on the carpet after completion. Our custodial team here at the City of Concord is forever grateful for the improvement of our carpet cleaning process. Your solution is what the carpet cleaning industry needed. Thank You!

Stan Kowalski
spotzbrush is a must have mfor your tool box

we use this brush for grooming plush carpet, as well as agitating spot cleaning treatments. It also makes a pretty good back scratcher. Thanks excellent supply!

Whiz Kid
Spots Brush Kit

This spots brush kit works so good. I would recommend this tool and cleaner to everyone.

janet persons
Excellent Supply=Excellent Product

Been using this product (the brush comes with the spotter product) for years at home and the company I work for uses it for clients as well. Works the best of any. Sorry I went off the rails and tried another brand. Never again!

Adam Vasquez
Cleaning chemicals

Easy to work with and the products are great

Spotting brush

Great tool makes spotting easy.
And the spotter works great.
Excellent customer service at excellent supply

Gabe Adabashi
spotting brush

great tool. I use it on stairs. and rugs for touch up along with Encap. Handle needs to be stronger.

William Hieronymus
Great Brush

I love how the bristles are so close together, great for agitating the carpet and also scrubbing stains. Also love how you have two different stiffness types of bristles for different types of carpet. Great brush!


Nice convenient tool that makes spotting easy and efficient. Worth every penny.

Owner - Tucson Eco-Clesn

This brush is Great, makes light work when spot cleaning, the expandable handle is Great so you can easily carry with you for spotting.