Replacement Grommets for Cimex Pad Drivers Set of 12 Cimex Part # 3232

SKU: REPL-1076

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Replacement Grommets for Cimex Pad Drivers Set of 12 Cimex Part # 3232 Compatible with all Cimex Carpet Cleaning Machines and Marble Grinding Machines.

Have you ever had an issue with a Cimex pad driver falling off the machine but don't want to replace it with a new set? Well here is your cost effective solution! The Replacement grommets will resolve your issue at 1/3 rd of the cost! Eventually the grommets that hold the Cimex pad drivers can become worn so the pad drivers do not hold as firmly. A set of grommets will make the pad drivers grip to the machine as if they were new again.

Genuine cimex replacement parts. We sell ALL Cimex parts! if you can't find what you need give us a call immediately at 1-800-330-1888! We can get the exact Cimex parts you need! Whether it be for your carpet scrubber or marble grinder, we will have it!



Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

Excellent Supply is here to help you Max Your Encap!

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Customer Reviews

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Kui Lee
Works perfectly

The grommets worked perfectly, fixed the problem I had which was the brushes keeps falling off.

Kevin Pearson

These little rubber grommets for the Cimex are a necessity. We run one machine in our rug cleaning pit all day, 5 days a week. The amount of moisture and stress these things are under from a thick wool rug is tremendous and so they were out from time to time. On our other machine that never goes in the rug pit the grommets last as long as the pad drivers do so no problem there. Getting them from excellent supply is great too because of the awesome customer service.