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Replacement Cimex Lower Solution Tank Bracket Cimex Part # 40091 Cimex Carpet Cleaning and Marble

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Replacement Cimex Solution Tank Bracket Cimex Part # 40091. Compatible with all Cimex carpet cleaning machines and Cimex marble grinders. Genuine Cimex replacement part. This is the lower/bottom solution tank bracket for all Cimex machines.

We carry all Cimex parts! If you can't find what you need here call 1-800-330-1888.

Customer Reviews

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Ades Gros
lower tank bracket

it fit good, old bracket was riveted on not a problem for me , but i could see some having a problem with this, i drilled out and installed bolts all the way through handle. The main problem is the top 2 mounting bolts the old ones don't fit the new tank inserts so i had to round up some metric bolts for it. A good idea would be put new bolts with new tank. And that piece of foam is a joke put a real piece of insulator there.

Hi Ades, Thank you for that feedback. I'm glad you we able to locate metric bolts for your tank. I had suggested Ace hardware when we spoke to find them locally (they usually have a good selection of screws and bolts). And we also have the screws for the tank at Excellent Supply... Cimex doesn't bundle the screws with their new tanks, but we will make a point of making it a recommended add on with tank purchases in the future. So thank you for that suggestion! :-)

Mercy Rojas
Office Manager

This item is great it holds your tank in place.

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