Releasit Mixed Case – 4 Gallons

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Mix-N-Match A Case Of Your Favorite Releasit Products

Choose 4 Releasit Products (make your selection above)

Encap-Clean DS2
Our most popular encapsulation carpet cleaning detergent! Perfect for all encap cleaning jobs. Quickly plows through heavy soil loads. Wicking and recurring stains are eliminated. And the carpet stays clean longer. At 4 ounces per gallon, Encap-Clean DS2 is very cost-effective too.

This hydrogen peroxide fortified powerhouse is perfect for organic soils, browning, ice melt, coffee, wine, etc. Use Encap-HydrOx on anything that could use the brightening boost of hydrogen peroxide. And it has a solid encapsulation polymer package so you can perform quality encap cleaning with total confidence.

Need a good CRI approved pre-spray that can't attract soil? Would you like to use one product everything on your truck including hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning? Would you like it to perform as an encap cleaner too? Give Encap-Punch a try.

Here's where the encap revolution started! The Releasit products have continued to be refined since the first jug of Releasit was manufactured nearly 20 years ago, Yet some people still hankered for the original. So we brought back the original power-packed formula that put Releasit on the map. Here's our original formula is in all its glory.

Green cleaning meets encapsulation without compromise. Bio-Encap's slogan is "Green Doesn't Have To Be Wimpy". That's the goal we had when we developed this product. If your business model presents "green" cleaning, then this encap detergent is worthy of your consideration.

Sometimes you need to sharpen your pencil to land a particular account. Encap-Basic was designed to be an effective encap cleaner, without some of the costly ingredients in the other Releasit products. It still encapsulates perfectly, and you can save a few dollars in the process.

Looking for a way to make maintenance cleaning even easier? Apply a light application of Soileze, and the follow-up cleanings will be that much easier. Resists water-based, oil-based, and even alcohol-based soil. Another benefit is that Soileze is FULLY compatible with the Releaist product line so it won't compromise the encapsulation properties.

Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

Excellent Supply is here to help you Max Your Encap!

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