Releasit Encap-Basic (4 Gallon) Low Cost Encapsulation Detergent [Encap]

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Releasit Encap-Basic | Low Cost Encapsulation Detergent

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Products 

Regardless of the ups and downs in the economy... At Releasit we're doing something about it. 

Releasit Encap-Basic is a low cost encapsulation detergent. Although it's a cost-effective product it still cleans deep. ENcap-Basic contains the same CRYSTALON3 encapsulation polymer found in the Releasit line of detergents.

Releasit Encap-Basic is ideal for commercial carpet maintenance. High-production / fast cleaning times can be achieved. Extremely low end-use cost. It can be used in commercial and residential applications. Dries to a crystallized residue. No rinsing is required. The non-sticky encapsulated residue will not attract more soil. Carpets stay clean longer than with traditional detergents. Safe for stain-resist, most wool, and all synthetic fibers. 

 Releasit Encap-Basic can be used in many applications: 

  • Cimex Machine
  • Rotary Machine / 175 rpm
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Oscillating Pad / Orbital Machine
  • Counter-Rotating Cylindrical Brush - CRB 
  • Spot Cleaning 
  • Recurring Spills 
  • Upholstery 


Shampoo Encap Method: Mix Encap-Basic at 4 oz per gallon for light soil, 6 oz per gallon for medium soil, and 8 oz per gallon for heavy soil. Apply with a coarse tip sprayer or with a shower-feed solution tank. Scrub the carpet thoroughly making overlapping passes with a Cimex, rotary, or cylindrical brush machine. Rinsing is not required. Vacuum at the next scheduled vacuuming interval. 

Traffic Lane Pre-Spray: Mix Encap-Basic at 16 oz per gallon. Apply with a pump or battery-powered sprayer using a coarse spray tip. Apply a heavier amount in more soiled areas. Allow 5-10 minutes of dwell time. 

Bonnet/Pad Method: Mix Encap-Basic at 8-10 oz per gallon of warm or hot water. Apply with a coarse tip sprayer. Scrub the carpet thoroughly making overlapping passes with a damp, clean, bonnet/pad.

PRE-CLEANING NOTE: As with all cleaning products - ALWAYS TEST any questionable fabric to establish (wet-cleaning compatibility and color-fastness) in an inconspicuous spot prior to cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lee Gorsuch
Regional Vice President

Good stuff.

Jonathan Stanford
100% excellent

It is a very good encap the best on the market in my opinion

Nicholas Newman
Release it basic

I really like dealing with these folks. Good, caring, knowledgeable folks that really want to help you be better. Everyone I’ve dealt with here has been amazingly helpful,

Donald Clay

The basic name is perfect for this Great product. Releasit Basic is a very good cleaner.

Mark Hart

This a great product for use in those MMM facilities. I use this more than anything else.


I have been using release it basic for some years it's a great product, good square footage, good cleaning power, the best crystallization thank encap team

Ed Elliott
Exceptional price and performance!

I tried this product based on comments in the Forum, and I am glad I did. This product is at a truly exceptional price point. However, the price wouldn't matter if it didn't clean well. I can attest that it is also an exceptional carpet cleaning product. I use it primarily for vacant apartments, which can be nasty, but do not require the built in fiber protector. It is a perfect application for this segment in my business, and I highly recommend it!.

Encap basic review

I have been using En-cap basic for a couple of months now and i'm still pleasantly surprised that it works so well on some of the dirty Apartment unit carpets i clean these are some nasty carpets but it cuts right through them. Great price point,great product, keep up the quality work!

Fiber Force Professional Carpet Cleaning
cleaning tech. mike

The Basic is amazing plain and simple , and Tanoah is very professional and knows the products !

Anthony Hernandez
Carpet Cleaner

Releasit encap basic is by far a greater cleaner than the price indicates. And thank god that it is. Because I clean for 15c a Sq Ff. On large accounts. And the basic price really makes it worth while. So try it. & you won't be sorry you did.