Orbot UltraLift Pads - 17" Melamine Floor Cleaning Pads (Case of 5 Pads)

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UltraLift Pads 17" (5 pad case)

The specialized open-cell melamine UltraLift pad creates a suction effect that lifts away grease and dirt while simultaneously scrubbing away surface dirt, stains, and stubborn black marks on porous floors. Clean using less water and mild detergent. Perfect for laminate and wood floors.

USAGE NOTE: This is a wet cleaning pad. The pad must remain fully saturated, and the floor needs to remain wet during cleaning. Do not use it dry or in a spray-cleaning application. If the pad isn't wet, premature pad wear, and/or damage to the floor can occur.

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Bill Grohe
Ultra lift

Great pad many uses. Wish it came in different sizes as I would use it in conjunction with other equipment. As it is I did cut it down to a 14” pad and used it with my micro scrubber on cvt and it worked great.