FiberPlus Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies (for 19" Cimex)

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FiberPlus Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies. Compatible with 19 inch Cimex machines, carpet scrubbers, and carpet cleaning machines.

FiberPlus Carpet Cleaning Pads  are ideal for carpet scrubbing .
These soft synthetic pads are uniquely fortified with an elastomeric property that adds to their durability. They're well suited for scrubbing carpet with the correct degree of agitation. FiberPlus pads can also be used for light floor scrubbing.

Why scrub carpet with Carpet Cleaning Pads rather than brushes?
You'll have better agitation because rather than slippery brush bristles sliding across the carpet's surface you're making full pad contact with the carpet pile. And since the pad disperses the solution to the carpet more evenly than a brush you'll also use less detergent to get the job done. Consider this illustration: You have a greasy frying pan to clean. You could get it clean by scrubbing it with a scrub brush, but if you scrub it with one of those green kitchen pads the pan will clean up even easier. The same principle holds true for carpet cleaning. 

FiberPlus pads are durable. They last approximately 7,000-10,00 square feet per installation when used for carpet cleaning.

FiberPlus Measure Pad Wear


Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

Excellent Supply is here to help you Max Your Encap!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Chris Bank
Best pads

These pads glide over the carpet better than another brand I tried. I highly recommend. They work perfectly with the cimex.

Steve Frank
Excellent product

Quality product
Excellent customer service

Tim Hawver

Fiber plus pads work great. They last until they absorb as much soil as they can hold. I only had one job that had very rough carpet tiles that tore up the pads before I could get the job done.

Chuck Dooley
Owner Dooley’s Carpet Care

Great product and excellent customer service.

David Gehrke
Great Service

Great service and products.

Joseph Semione

They work well.

Nicholas Newman
Customer service

These folks are great!!! They ship fast!!

Patrick Petty
Releasit Encap-Hydrox

The chemical works great, however, the bottles tend to rupture and leak just sitting in storage. You need to improve the bottle.

Hi Patrick,
Thank you for your comment on the jugs... In fact, the problem isn't the jug / or the cap. What you're seeing is a result of the hydrogen peroxide. Encap-HydrOx contains a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Because of the highly active hydrogen peroxide the jugs can swell. We include a sheet explaining this in the box. Here's a simple solution. If you will periodically burp the jugs (squeeze the air out of the jug) and retighten the cap, you should be alright. If you run into an issue or need assistance please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks again.

Rod Starks

Great service, great product.

Mark Lovick
Grey Fiber plus Pads

The grey pads seem to hold up better than they have in the past. Whatever you were doing, please keep doing it. They hold it much better.