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CTI Carpet Shark

  • Use the Carpet Shark to gently scrape debris from the carpet.
  • Use the Carpet Shark to puncture and scrape gum using Pro Solve Gel.
  • Use the Carpet Shark to chip gum using Gum Spray.
  • Use the Carpet Shark to work solvents through the carpet fiber.
  • Use the Carpet Shark to agitate spotting agents for spot cleaning projects.
  • Use the Carpet Shark to work with CTI's CMC Color Cosmetic dye and CMC Solvent.

Durable, effective, yet gentle to the fiber. A handy toolbar every professional carpet cleaner to have on hand on every job.

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Davidson

Indispensable convenience, as it is multipurpose and easily kept in your pocket. What like is that it is handy to pull out of your pocket, and take care of a difficult spot while your cleaning the floor.

Brian Parente
Must Have

The first thing I put in pants pocket every day is the CTI Carpet Shark. Tip of the day - put it in your pocket with the fork end up. It will bite your fingers if you are not not careful but it will keep your pockets from ripping at the seems, which is how I lost the last two I owned. Pre-spray the sticky stuff and easily scrape it off a few minutes later with ease without damaging the carpet. Glad I found them here at Excellent Supply. You won't find a better price and the customer service is top notch.

Tom Andrews

The CTI Carpet Shark is indispensible for stuck-on gum and similar sticky problems. When paired with Releasit Gum Freeze spray, gum removal is fast and effective. Freeze, shatter with the Shark, vac/remove residue, and keep on cleaning.