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Basic Coatings Dissolver Floor Polish Remover (Gallon) - B0541-0412

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Basic Coatings Dissolver™ Floor Polish Remover - Hardwood Floor Stripper

Recommended for removing conventional floor finishes.

Acrylic Floor Polish Remover
Acrylic Floor Finish is often used to rejuvenate hardwood floors. These coatings cause uneven or unsightly appearance issues over time and must be removed in order to successfully apply professional urethane coatings. If the Acrylic Test Kit (B9166) has determined that an acrylic floor polish is present, use Basic Coatings & Dissolver™ Floor Polish Remover to strip the acrylic floor polish from the hardwood floor.


  • Rinse free
  • Low foaming
  • No added fragrance or dyes
  • Low-foaming
  • pH: 10.0 - 10.5
  • No added fragrance or dyes
  • Dilute 1:5 with cool water

Directions for Use

  1. Dilute (1:5) 25.6 oz./gal. or 200 mL/L with cool water.
  2. Apply solution liberally with mop.
  3. Allow 4 - 5 minutes contact time. Be sure to keep surface wet at all times. Agitate with a low-speed rotary machine or automatic scrubber (using a stripping pad or brushes).
  4. Pick up solution using a wet vacuum or automatic scrubber and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Allow floor to dry completely.
  • To prepare the floor for the cleaning process vacuum or sweep loose dirt from the floor and pay special attention to corners.
  • Always mix Dissolver™ 1:5 with cool water for best results.
    Work in small areas around 50 sq. ft.
    Let the Dissolver™ Solution dwell for 5 minutes of contact time. Dissolver™ will begin to emulsify the floor polish.
  • Scrub the area with the Dirt Dragon™ and diluted Dissolver™ and remove the emulsified stripper solution.
  • Manual agitation with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad may be needed for heavy floor polish buildup.
    Repeat this process in small areas until all floor polish has been removed before moving on to the next area.
  • Retest the floor with the Acrylic Wax Test Kit to make sure that all floor polish has been removed from the floor.
  • Rinse the floor with the Dirt Dragon™ and Squeaky™ to neutralize the floor and prepare it for coating.
  • Allow the floor to dry.
  • Coat the floor with Hardwood Floor Refinisher.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Read the entire label before using this product.

FLOOR POLISH REMOVAL PROCEDURE: NOTE: During the stripping process floors can become extremely slippery. Please use caution.

*This product meets Green Seal's environmental standard for industrial and institutional floor care products based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential

SDS Sheet


Customer Reviews

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Robin Holden
Just what I was searching for!

I purchased the Disslover Floor Wax Remover and was super pleased with the outcome! We are still working on our floors, but so far so good! Also, delivery was excellent! Thank you so much for an amazing product!

James E. Anderson
Basic Coatings Dissolver is Fantastic!

Very effective at removing the high gloss floor polish ruining the floors.

Joseph Knight
Dissolver Floor Remover

Works as it should

Milton Craighead

Excellent product and service!

Bill Tsiakanikas

Basic Coatings Dissolver Floor Polish Remover (Gallon) - B0541-0412

Ted Wenk

The best hardwood floor wax remover.

Lu Estrada
Excellent product

Delivered as scheduled and nice and secure packing. I'm happy with this purchase

robert keating
Ver good service, delivered quick.

I would recommend very good service.

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