10 inch Cimex Wheel Set Upgrade #BW10KITC

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Cimex Solid-Core Wheel Upgrade

Cimex has finally come up with a solution to the small stock wheels that come on the Cimex. There's now a set of 10-inch wheels that will fit onto the standard Cimex axles. It will be easier to transport your Cimex and go up and down steps. The 10" wheels are a nice improvement over the standard 7" wheels that come on the Cimex machines. (These wheels are solid-core wheels. They do NOT have bearings.)

An additional option is our exclusive Big Boy Wheel Kit. The Big Boy Wheel Kit is something that we developed at Excellent Supply.

  • The Cimex will be easier to control with larger wheels.
  • It's easier to roll the CImex in and out of buildings, over bumps, up steps, etc.
  • The larger wheels make it easier to walk more quickly with your Cimex, and thereby increase the speed of your cleaning.
  • The kit contains a set of smooth-rolling semi-pneumatic 10-inch wheels with bearings.
  • The kit also comes with a specially machined stainless-steel axle that replaces the stock zinc plated axle that tends to corrode over time.
  • And the kit includes a new tee-piece to replace the original tee-piece that may have fused to the original zinc axle.

The Big Boy Wheel Kit is a more expensive option, but as you can see there are a few advantages to having smoother rolling wheels and a new stainless axle. But if the price is the deciding factor, these solid-core wheels will improve the way the Cimex rolls. Either option will certainly make a nice difference.

Cimex wheel upgrade options:


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