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Love Encap DS2 and Encap Punch! I feel Encap DS is a true Encapulation cleaners that will not leave my customers with sticky carpets that resoil. I feel comfortable using Encap DS2 on a quarterly basis with a hot water extraction once a year with Encap Punch.
2 great products I came back to after trying another from my local distributor.

Works well

This part is as expected. It seems a little lighter than the original part but it fits fine and seems to be able to do the job.

Great product

Great as a prespray. Carpet and upholstery both get very clean.

Great product

Achieving good results with this product.

FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (Case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies

12" Fiber Plus Pads

Excellent Supply is a top notch company. Ive been using these pads for years for pre-scrubbing before hot water extraction and they work and great! Love the new design without the hole.

Real Deal

As a car detailer I see some awfully maintained carpets but thus far punch and DHS have been up to the task. I tested on a high traffic area in my home it worked great. Being able to dilute this makes it worth the investment. I am thinking outside the box. Home run babe.

Releasit Endcap-Clean DS2

Excellent product worked well cleaning the carpet in my vehicle.

Great product! Used to clean rental properties.


Excellent product. Arrive in time

Amazing Service

When you need a piece like a Cimex bumper shield, the crew at Excellent supply always takes the time to give the right product, with the help to put it on the machine correctly. Thank you so much for your patience.


Excellent Supply is Always on point, great customer service, rapid response, very knowledgeable

Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 (4 Gallon) Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Detergent [Encap]

Amazing Product!!!

I found you guys at a time when our franchise owner passed away. We didn’t know how to move forward. Our cleaning solution was no longer being produced. Not only did I find product to stay in business, I’m still maintaining a high standard of quality that my customers depend on!

Excellent Supply . . .excellent service


Great product, just what we were looking for ..

The product works perfectly for our business. We also had some pads in the boxes that were shorter than ordered. Called in to let company know and they immediately sent us 4 new pads to replace the wrong ones. Thank you.
Kathy, Office Manager

Spot cleaning

I have used this carpet cleaner for several years. It is superior to any other cleaner on the market for spot cleaning.


Punch is a great pre-spray. I use for both encapsulation and HWE. Has a nice fragrance
It works great on my investment property carpets!

Great product

Great pre-spray for encapsulation cleaning/

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