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Best pads

These pads glide over the carpet better than another brand I tried. I highly recommend. They work perfectly with the cimex.


1st time using it I'm satisfied with the outcome of the finished. Just been in business for 1yr.Still need to finesse my technic .I would recommend this product.

very nice bonus and chance to rill up my order

I oved the chance to use these samples

E/G32 Gear 48 Left
M & L Carpet Cleaning, LLC
EG/32 Gear & 48 left

The items are working great on our CRB. Customer service was very nice I was called before they shipped the gears to make sure our CRB was not a knock off because otherwise the parts will not work in it. Would order again! Thank you

This Company its super Customer Service

Always in time; products as expected to be.

Great product for low to mid soil encap cleaning.

We have used the ReleaseIt products after trying many other products and found these to be the best performing and cost effective for our business.

Worked very well

I cleaned a church a yesterday. The dining area with the kitchen had a variety of spots, mostly black pieces of tar from the parking lot. The encapsulation spotter worked very well, it actually brought a smile to my face! I used two bottles throughout the entire church. In between the pews there was all kinds of spots and the encap spotter took care of most of them. What supprised me the most was the asphalt coming out with ease. I really like it, would reccommend.

Excellent service and products

I haven’t used their products in many years because I changed my business. I’m back and their products are just as good or better than before. The shipping company lost the first shipment and Excellent Supply reshipped immediately Excellent service. Thank you


I am a car detailer. I came across your product from another detailer review on youtube. YOUR PRODUCT IS AWESOME.... Every customer's carpet that I done loved it. They told other's I just got new customers just for carpet cleaning. I wished that I had known about your product sooner. Please market more to detailer.

No comment

The Best

These are pretty much all I use anymore. Every now and then I use the Beige pads but the grey pads are really the best.

Stair tread ams bullnose looking shaep

Purchased the 8in attachment for my Milwaukee buffer. I used it and came back today after the carpets were dry. The stairs look amazing.
Quick shout out to Brian for his prompt service and excellent customer service.

Just what I was searching for!

I purchased the Disslover Floor Wax Remover and was super pleased with the outcome! We are still working on our floors, but so far so good! Also, delivery was excellent! Thank you so much for an amazing product!


The product was everything you said it would be! and beyond. This has helped our circumstances tremendously!
We will be ordering more. What’s more settling is could have bought on “ Ama… your price was the same, but the personal connection is very important to us. Thanks for your help.

Excellent product

Quality product
Excellent customer service

Releasit Sample 3-Pack FREE

Tueway 8” bonnet

Excellent choice for cleaning carpets

I will NEVER buy anything other than this again!

I purchased a home about 1 1/2 years ago that had cream colored carpet in EVERY room, except the kitchen and laundry room. It had light soiling in some areas and heavy soiling in others. I have a professional steam cleaner and tried everything on the market to remove the stains and nothing worked.

I heard about this product from a pro-cleaner and decided to give it a try. I have to be honest, because I am in the process of remodeling, i.e., taking the carpet out of the bathrooms and dinning room, I haven't used it all over yet. I have, however, used it on the stubborn stains at my front door and my carpet looks new. I can't wait to finish cleaning the remaining carpet!

If you are on the fence as to whether or not you should buy this product, don't wait!! I wish I had purchased it when I purchased this home, as I know my carpets would be clean.

8" Bonnet/Pad Drill Driver / Easy Bonnet/Pad Cleaning With a Drill

Basic Coatings Dissolver is Fantastic!

Very effective at removing the high gloss floor polish ruining the floors.

Handle broke but Excellent Supply sent a New Brush and bottle of Spotter

After Excellent supply learned that the handle broke on the Brush, they sent us a new Brush and a Bottle of Spotter. They are very attentive and provide Excellent Customer Service.

Hi Stephen,
I'm sorry that you managed to break the handle. We've sold tons of these brushes and I think yours is the first one that's broken. Our customers have found that the brush works great for carpet spotting, and that the lightweight pole is sufficient for carpet scrubbing. The lightness of the handle makes it easy to work with. Scrubbing carpet spots is moderately gentle work, so the lightweight pole doesn't normally come under too much pressure. Perhaps the pole broke while transporting in the van or in some unrelated way? At any rate, you're dealing with Excellent Supply, so there's always a recourse. No need to write a negative review, just reach out to us and we can send you a replacement pole, or issue a refund. We will ALWAYS take good care of our customers. We'll be happy to send out a replacement pole today. Let us know if you run into any other problems, or if there's anything we can do to assist you. And I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!

D2 Encap

I did 2 commercial jobs w/ it. It worked really really well. I also was very appreciative of the free advice I got firm Roger (I hope I’m remembering his name correctly). He really took time w/ me and answered all my Qs. You guys have a customer for life!

Dissolver Floor Remover

Works as it should

Awesome Service

Always get awesome service and products from excellent supply … love your supply selection also .

Fiber plus pads work great. They last until they absorb as much soil as they can hold. I only had one job that had very rough carpet tiles that tore up the pads before I could get the job done.