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Cimex Head Cleaning - Cleaning The Cimex Plumbing For Increased Soultion Flow



Cleaning out the plumbing on your Cimex will keep it running like it did the first day you used it, with even solution flow to all 3 drivers.

On a regular basis the plumbing of your Cimex will need to be cleaned out. Mineral deposits, lint, and sludge will build up over time inside the ductwork. Clearing this debris is very simple. This general maintenance procedure will take you just a few minutes and it will keep your machine’s solution flowing smoothly.

You will find 3 plastic caps located on the upper side of the blue drive deck.

  1. Pry out the plastic plugs with your fingernail or a screwdriver
  2. Use a stiff wire such as a coat hanger wire, or a thin round bastard file.
  3. Gently scrape inside the duct-work to root out the mineral and detergent gunk that has accumulated.
  4. Then from the bottom of the machine, spray water from a garden hose into the brass outlet. This will blast the debris out of the duct-work.

That’s all there is to it! Your Cimex will maintain even flow to all 3 heads.

Video of Cimex Plumbing Clean Out

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