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Customer Reviews

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Kurt Paulus
Orbot Vibe

Absolutely love the Vibe. Our first job was a 20,000 sq ft church that hadnt been cleaned in 17 years. With DS2 and scrub bonnets we knocked it out of the park.
Thanks Excellent Supply!

George Smile
Orbot Vibe and encapsulation agents

From the moment of my order trough the moment we got our unit ,Excellent supply support Team was in touch . Exceptional customer service and Excellent line of products ! We will be purchasing more of there products definitely in near future and again ,Thank you for great service!

Harriet Armah
Excellent service 😊✌🏽

Excellent service and delivery

Jaroszlav and Karolina Hasznyuk
Excellent service!!!!

I have no words to convey all the pleasant emotions that we received from cooperation with excellent supply, which has just begun!!! We want to thank you first of all for your humanity, professionalism, customer service approach, the quality of your products and of course the best prices!!! !we wish excellent supply continued prosperity!!!Many thanks to Rick and his exceptional team!!!! Jaroszlav and Karolina

DJ Crisp
Orbot Vibe

Just got my vibe in last week. Everything was smooth and the staff was great. The vibe already paid for itself on its first job. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the extra time I get back to be on other jobs or home with the family. Thank you excellent supply

Jeff Ingold
Great Specials with Fast service

I got my vibe in after talking to the guys at the store within one day time I know it’s a close market for me but really great special really great help and put me right on the job site to pay the bill off in one job thanks guys

Don Hutto
Vibe vs Cimex

Been using Cimex for over 8 years on commercial jobs with grey pads and DS2 which has been a winning combination. Used the Vibe for the last week with the grey pads and tried the grey microfiber with blue strip and while it isn’t as aggressive or fast as the Cimex it seems to do very well. It’s lighter and leaving carpet way dryer using much less chemical. I need more time to give a honest review but I am liking it so far. It is definitely better for residential use. Nice to have both for sure.

John Deleon
vibe floor machine

Excellent machine excellent customer service all around the company is awesome people that work in that company's awesome they're just so great people thank you excellent supplies

Tony Moore
Why didn't I get this sooner?

Right out of the box I did a 4000 sq ft room in a church. Super low pile glue down that my wand would have skipped even with a glide. I used DS-2 and never broke sweat. Almost felt like cheating lol. I several more large commercial jobs lined up and now I look forward to the big jobs. I will never swing a 175 around on carpet again! Thank you Excellent Supply for super fast shipping. Oh! Customer service is phenomenal! Just wish I would have purchased sooner. I don't like the lid so I put a cabinet handle on it.

Delores Daniel
Owner and Operator

The Orbot Vibe is SUPREME, it is the best that I have used amongst its competitor the Mytee eco 17. The Orbot is smooth, easy to handle and quite. I love the fact that I don't have to put anything underneath the base when not in use. The Orbot is a good investment to have. To make your job easier and your time faster, get an Orbot Vibe. You won't regret it.

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