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BrushEncap Machine - 15-inch CRB 15 Counter-Rotating Brush Carpet Cleaning Machine TM4 with Set of Brushes, 1 Gallon Releasit, Sample Adsorb

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BrushEncap 15" CRB Machine TM4

BACK IN STOCK (Limited Supply)

BrushEncap CRB PRO 15 / 15" CRB Machine

BrushEncap Carpet Cleaning Package

This is the genuine Austrian Made CRB machine. We do NOT sell the Strong Dry machine.

Great for encap cleaning and for dry compound cleaning. With the Renovator trays, it's ideal for pile-lifting and dry soil removal.

  • 15" brush width
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Low maintenance, high longevity
  • 380 rpm brush speed - safe for loop and cut pile carpet
  • Quiet and smooth operation (78db at 5m)
  • Lightweight for easy handling (42 pounds)
  • Machines have a 20+ year track record for quality
  • Comes With Blue Brush Set (medium/standard)
  • Includes the Renovator collection hoppers for dry soil recovery
  • Includes the transport dolly (shown in the photo above)
  • Optional tandem accessory can link 2 machines for wider areas
  • Optional spray system adds ability to spray from an external sprayer
  • NOTE: Machine now ships with blue standard bristle brush set (rather than white).


  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Gallon of Releasit
  • Sample of Adsorb Ultra Dry Compound

BrushEncap Machine - 15-inch CRB PRO 15 Counter-Rotating

New Brush Break-In Note: Prior to using new brushes on carpet... Run the brushes on wet "sidewalk" concrete for 2 minutes to dull the bristles; then take the brushes off, rotate them, and perform the procedure a second time. Without proper break-in, the brushes can grab the carpet (like velcro) and can cause a hard-start and/or pop breakers.

Optional Spray System:
The optional CRB Spray System enables you to connect an onboard sprayer to your BrushEncap machine. Shown below:

BrushEncap Machine - 15-inch CRB PRO 15 Counter-Rotating

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CRB Brush Options

Each CRB machine has various brush offerings. Select the appropriate brushes that correspond to your machine from the guide below.
Each CRB machine has various brush offerings. Select the appropriate brushes that correspond to your machine from the guide below.
BrushEncap Machine - 15-inch CRB PRO 15 Counter-Rotating
BrushEncap Machine - 15-inch CRB PRO 15 Counter-Rotating

Ribbed Mats, Textured Floors, Tile /  Grout

Recommended brush: Stiff


Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

Excellent Supply is here to help you Max Your Encap!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Cheryl McGrath

We have not received the brush encap machine. Will be here in July. This is an amazing machine. I had the 10 inch and it finally died. We got the 15 inch and will be excited when it arrives. This works great on all jobs. I will only buy machines from your company because of the awesome customer service. Thank you.

Thank you for the nice review! Yes, the BrushEncap machines are on back-order from Austria right now, but we're hoping that they should arrive before too much longer. We're seeing that more and more of everything is running behind with unexpected delays these days. Seems like it's part of the new norm in our post-pandemic society. Hang in there. You'll be rockin it with your new BrushEncap before you know it. Thank you again for your order! :-)

Thomas Senn
your people

it is a pleasure to deal with your company/ i look foward to dealing with with you.

John Burdick

Excellent investment in the CRB not only was it more cost-effective than a few others but I have a way older version of this and it’s quality craftsmanship and work ability has proven to be phenomenal! It’s quite smooth and reliable plus I attached the optional sprayer tank to make it even more efficient. Thank you Excellent supply for such a smooth and easy transaction.

Larry Henson
Owner / Operator

Nice, heavy duty built machine, fast shipping and great communications. I would highly recommend this machine and doing business with this company!

daniel mobley

We got the crb last week, and it has far exceeded my expectations. Usually we clean mostly with op machines. I planned on using the crb just for easy jobs, but we tried it on some super nasty jobs and i was blown away. It can clean things i never thought that it would be able to. I highly recommend this machine!

Doug Watson

Well built and works great


It has been a few years of wanting this machine. A couple years ago I got really sick and had to put it on hold. Two years later after paying up all my medical bill I was finally ready to buy my new CRB but which one? After several months of deciding it came down to two if them. The Strong and BrushEncap. I mainly focused on people who owned both of them and I decided on the BrushEncap. As soon as I started taking it out of the box I noticed the quality (even the box itself, lol). After vacuuming my own carpet there was surly no soil to be lifted out. Maybe some fuzz. I was completely right when I turned on that CRB. As I took off the renovators there was the fuzz but then to my surprise out comes all the sand embedded in the backing. Many times the sand is forced under the backing between the padding and rug. I am 100% that I made the right choice between quality and function with the BrushEncap. Over 20 years in this business and I don't know how I could ever done without it. Thank you Excellent Supply for the best machine and the absolute best price on the unit.

Melvin Amos

I love the BrushEncap Machine! Very good quality and versatile. I use it as a stand alone for encap cleaning, pile lifter, vacuum and agitator.


I purchased this machine a year ago and it works wonders on jobs. Again This is a very light machine and the handle come off so it takes up very little room when I am transporting. This machine leaves your customers AMAZED!!!

Owner Ducks Carpet Cleaning

Love this machine, cleans great easy to operate.

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