Releasit Foam-Guard Crystal Carpet Defoamer 8-pound jar (4 to a case)

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Releasit FOAM-GUARD Crystal Defoamer is a concentrated defoamer that is perfect for quick foam killing action.  

Detergent residues that are left in carpets can foam up, when HWE (hot water extraction) cleaning is performed. Excessive foaming can hinder cleaning production and possibly damage extraction equipment. FOAM-GUARD prevents the development of foam during carpet cleaning, thereby eliminating foam buildup in your vacuum hose and recovery tank. 

FOAM-GUARD never cakes or clumps up. It readily dissolves in water so it can be completely extracted. It will not leave any spots or markings on the carpet. 

FOAM-GUARD is highly concentrated and efficient. Simply sprinkle it onto the carpet and then perform extraction cleaning like normal. Foam build-up will be controlled. Eliminating foam will help to save time and labor.  

FOAM-GUARD is easier to work with than traditional liquid defoamers. With liquid defoamer you'll continually need to stop and squirt more defoamer inside the wand and hose (literally sending time and product down the drain). FOAM-GUARD is simple: Just sprinkle it over the carpet and clean like normal.

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John Howell
Grogan Clean Care, LLC - Owner

Releasit Defoamer works! It works like all the others I have ever tried, now I can buy it from excellent supply and I won't have to call another supplier! All Releasit Products work well I try to buy everything I can from them they make good stuff.