FREZE-IT Gum Spray / Adhesive Remover
FREZE-IT Gum Spray / Adhesive Remover

FREZE-IT Gum Spray / Adhesive Remover

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FREZE-IT Gum Spray, Wax, Tar, Adhesive Remover

Why we love it:
Back in the day a good quality freeze spray would freeze gum with a blast so that it can be easily scraped from the carpet. But these days... the majority of gum freeze sprays are pure junk. Frankly, it's been challenging  to find a good freeze spray. Freze-It from Quest Specialty is one of the "old school" super-cold freeze sprays! You could say that it's a cool blast from the past (pun intended). 

A frosty blast freezes gum & wax instantly, allowing it to be quickly removed from most surfaces. Works great on carpet, furniture, hard surface floors,  sidewalks, for easy removal of gum and wax. It can also be used for cooling circuit board components, soldering applications, and shrink-fitting small parts. 

  • Environmentally friendly alternative for gum & wax removal
  • Non-corrosive
  • HMIS Codes: H-1, F-4, R-0, P-A
  • 7 oz can size

Carpet: Simple Removal of Gum, Tar, Wax, Etc.

You can get rid of the nastiest spot of gum, tar, wax, adhesives of any kind - in under a minute. Just blast the spot with Freze_it. Scrape the spot. And go after any sticky residual with a dab of solvent. This video shows you how...

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FREZE-IT Gum Spray / Adhesive Remover
FREZE-IT Gum Spray / Adhesive Remover
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