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FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (Case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies (for 19" Cimex)


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FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads are a moderately aggressive pad that's ideal for scrubbing dense commercial carpeting. These gray colored synthetic pads are well suited for scrubbing loop commercial carpets with strong agitation. The unique FiberPlus MAX pads are perfect for digging dirt out of the carpet. The Max pads will increase your productivity approximately 20% on a challenging commercial carpet. The results are IMPRESSIVE! FiberPlus MAX pads can also be used for hard-floor maintenance cleaning.

Caution: Because the FiberPlus MAX pads are aggressive you should exercise care when using them on carpeting. Only use the FiberPlus MAX pads on durable commercial loop carpeting. And don't allow the machine to remain running on the same spot, keep the machine moving at all times.

Why scrub carpet with Carpet Cleaning Pads rather than brushes?
You'll have better agitation because rather than slippery brush bristles sliding across the carpet's surface you're making full pad contact with the carpet pile. And since the pad disperses the solution to the carpet more evenly than a brush you'll also use less detergent to get the job done. Consider this illustration: You have a greasy frying pan to clean. You could get it clean by scrubbing it with a scrub brush, but if you scrub it with one of those green kitchen pads the pan will clean up even easier. The same principle holds true for carpet cleaning. 

FiberPlus Max pads will last approximately 6,000 square feet per installation when used for carpet cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
David Shaw
Fiber max pads & hydrox

I have used fiber max pads and hydrox for years with stellar results every time!!

Ovidiu Ivan

FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (Case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies (for 19" Cimex)

Steve Anders

Fiberplus pads are the best. I’ve used several other brands this is one is by far superior for long lasting.

Don Hutto
The Best

These are pretty much all I use anymore. Every now and then I use the Beige pads but the grey pads are really the best.

Leon Chung

FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (Case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies (for 19" Cimex)

Terrence Peterson
Fiber plus max carpet cleaning pads 8 inch

I definitely feel like I get the full worth out of each pad. Great product.

Dan Hughes

Thank You

Rod Starks
Fiber plus pads

Great product!!

Zachary Wilson

Definitely not as good the pads in the past. Seem to not last quite as long.

Hi Zachary,
Thanks for taking the time to write a review. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't find the newer FiberPlus Max pads to last as long. It's odd to hear that. We've actually been hearing that the pads are lasting a little longer than before. But I guess each person's usage may be different. One thing to keep in mind with a Cimex machine is to regularly clean out the plumbing. Not saying this is the problem -- but if the solution lines get plugged up there's a tendency for the pads to distribute solution unevenly and for the pads to wear out quicker. Here's information on how to clean out the Cimex plumbing if you haven't done it recently. Thank you for your business and for your honest review. We value your feedback! We will keep our ears open if others have similar experience. At this point the comments overall have been positive. We want to make sure our customers have a great experience!

Aaron Vasquez

FiberPlus MAX Carpet Cleaning Pads 8 inch (Case of 15) Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Intended usage: The products available at Excellent Supply are designed for "professional cleaning contractors" and individuals who have received sufficient training in carpet cleaning and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply cannot accept responsibility for outcomes that may arise from the use of these products by untrained end users.

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