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FiberPlus Max Encap Scrubbing Pads

FiberPlus Max Productivity Encap Pads

How To Perform Encap Cleaning More Quickly

Increase your encap cleaning productivity 20% with FiberPlus Max pads!

FiberPlus pads are the most durable brand of pads – designed especially for encapsulation carpet cleaning.


When it comes to encap cleaning, FiberPlus pads are far more effective for scrubbing carpet than a shampoo brush. The pads have the right texture to produce the proper degree of agitation. And they disperse the encap detergent very evenly, so less solution is required for low moisture cleaning.


The gray-colored FiberPlus Max pads produce more agitation than the standard cream-colored FiberPlus pads. As a result, they clean about 20% quicker! If you want to boost your commercial carpet cleaning productivity, the FiberPlus Max pads are a perfect alternative.


FiberPlus max pads are also great for cleaning grungy commercial carpet. Since the pads are more aggressive, they can power through heavy soil faster than other methods. Many cleaners are now using the FiberPlus max pads for ALL of their commercial work.


If cleaning commercial carpet at a higher speed interests you, give the FiberPlus max pads a spin!

In the interest of total transparency: The FiberPlus Max pads will wear faster than the standard cream-colored FiberPlus pads. However, their higher production rates more than make up for it.

"Recommended for commercial encap carpet cleaning with Cimex, Orbitals (Orbot Vibe or SprayBorg, TOPS, etc) or 175-rpm rotary swing machines.”

8" Pads Fit 19" Cimex Machines

17" or 19" Pads Can Be Used On 

Orbot, TOPS, and 175-rpm Machines

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