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Encap and The Environment

Encap and The Environment

Written by: Rick Gelinas



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Six Ways Encapsulation Helps the Environment

  1. Less Water Consumption
    Encapsulation uses less water. Typically, each gallon of water will clean about 300 square feet of carpet. So we are taking less fresh clean drinking water from our environment.

    2. Lower Moisture in the Building
    There's also less moisture being introduced to the building, and the carpet normally dries in an hour or two. Lowering the moisture threshold in commercial buildings is advantageous to the heath of the indoor environment.

    3. No Wastewater
    Wastewater from carpet cleaning includes contaminants that were removed from the carpet as well as any chemicals that were introduced during the cleaning process. With encapsulation, the encapsulated soil is recovered through routine post-vacuuming and gets disposed of as dry soil. Again, this is a much lower environmental impact.

    4. No Gasoline Consumption
    With encapsulation, we are not using a gasoline or diesel powered engine to clean the carpet. Instead, we are using a modest amount of electricity. The equipment used normally draws around 12 amps of current.

    5. No Carbon Monoxide Emissions
    Since encapsulation carpet cleaning does not depend on running a fuel-burning engine, there are no carbon monoxide emissions being emitted to the atmosphere.

    6. Safe Cleaning Agents
    The Releasit line of encapsulation products is safe for the cleaning technician, the occupants of the building, and the environment.
    This video explains how encapsulation lowers the impact our cleaning has on the environment: