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starts with

the BEST


Since Releasit was first introduced
in 2002, a lot of me-too-wannabe
encap products have come out.

We're flattered.

But there's still just one
deep-cleaning, soil-resisting,
anti-wicking, problem-solving,
cost-effective, mind-blowing
encap detergent. Releasit.

Cleans Faster

Releasit products can power through heavy soil loads, making it easy to maintain commercial carpets. As the carpet is scrubbed an immediate appearance shift occurs. Releasit's robust crystallizing encap polymer holds the soil in suspension. Then after the carpet is dry the encapsulated soil can be removed from the carpet with subsequent post-vacuuming. And at 4-ounces per gallon, it's an incredibly affordable encapsulation detergent.

Solves Problems

Wicking and recurring spill stains are common problems with commercial carpets. Now you can say goodbye to spill stains that keep returning after the carpet's been cleaned. Releasit's crystallizing formula consumes spills and ends wicking. The carpet will be transformed from drab, dull dingy; to clean, bright, beautiful!

Stays Clean Longer

Traditional detergents can actually attract soil. That's bad. Releasit's crystallizing polymer and built-in fluro-chemical components resist re-soiling. That's good. So carpets stay clean longer between cleanings.