SpotzCleaner Carpet spot cleaning brush and spot cleaning solution

Goodbye To Carpet Spots

At the heart of the SpotzCleaner carpet spot remover system is the SpotzBrush. With the power of Encap-Spot spot remover, this simple process can fully encapsulate spills and spots from the carpet. Best of all, the entire process is very quick and simple.

No Machine Required

There's no need to drag equipment through the building – looking for electrical outlets – setting up the machine – and breaking it down. Encap-Spot is a multi-purpose spot cleaner built on true encapsulation technology. No rinsing is required! It's like having a carpet extractor in a bottle.

Just Spray & Brush

It's as simple as that... just spray and brush. Spot cleaning can now be done as quickly as you can run through a building. When you see a spot simply hit it with Encap-Spot, give a few good brushes with the SpotzBrush and move on.

Eliminates Spill Stains

The SpotzCleaner system is a super simple way to quickly zap the spill stains from the carpet. The Encap-Spot formula can eliminate recurring spill stains. And since this is a non-intrusive cleaning method it can even be performed while the building is occupied.

The SpotzCleaner Carpet Spot Cleaning System

SpotzCleaner Kit Includes:

1 Quart of Releasit Encap-Spot (With Sprayer)
1 SpotzBrush Carpet Spot Scrub Brush
1 Adjustable Handle

The SpotzBrush

The SpotzBrush bristles rolls smoothly over the carpet. Its brush bristles dig into the carpet pile and penetrate the spill stain. And the Encap-Spot cleaning solution causes the soil to release from the fiber.

Dual-Firmness Bristles

The SpotzBrush has 2 sections of carpet scrubbing bristles. Firm bristles for loop carpet, and soft bristles for cut pile carpet and delicate rugs.

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