Releasit Soileze Protector 1 Gallon Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Products (Encap)

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Soil-Resistant Carpet & Upholstery Protector

Soileze carpet protector


Why SOILEZE Carpet & Upholstery Protector Works So Well:

Most carpet and upholstery protectors are effective with either water or oil based soil, but not both. The advanced fluoro-chemical technology of Releasit SOILEZE protector has exceptional oil, water, and alcohol repellency. As a result, carpet and upholstery treated with SOILEZE will exhibit outstanding soil resistance and stain releasing properties.

SOILEZE Carpet & Upholstery Protector is compatible with the entire Releasit product line. SOILEZE will impart soil and stain resistance that is as good as or better than the original mill applied protection. SOILEZE incorporates sophisticated fluoro-chemistry designed to impart unprecedented protection.

SOILEZE protector also meets all VOC regulations. Safe for stain-resist and synthetic carpet and upholstery fiber.

SDS Sheet


Intended usage: The products sold at Excellent Supply are intended for use by "professional cleaning contractors" or those who have been trained in the various aspects of carpet and hard surface maintenance. Excellent Supply is not responsible for results achieved by untrained end users.

Excellent Supply is here to help you Max Your Encap!

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Customer Reviews

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Tim Derr
Excellent products

I have used DS2 for over 10 years with a counter rotating brush machine and it is awesome. Also many times I apply soileze afterwards and have always been extremely satisfied. My customers love it as well.

Jeff Brown
Releasit Protector

I find that using the protector in heavy traffic areas along with the 1-2 Punch & DS2 has helped in keeping my commercial accounts remain cleaner and brighter longer between cleanings.

best protector!

I love this carpet protector! I have recently completed cleaning the carpet in a church and the carpet in their nearby chapel. After cleaning with Punch and DS2, I sprayed on Soileze. 2 months later, despite heavy foot traffic and lots of rain, these carpets look as pristine as when I first cleaned them. And I really like the fact that I don't have to wait for the carpets to dry before applying Soileze. A huge benefit! Thanks Rick for this outstanding product!

John Howell
Grogan Clean Care, LLC - Owner

We have been using Releasit products for several years now and they are top of the line! They deliver excellent results in a wide array of situations. The Soileze protector is no different! I have used it in my personal home since I began buying Releasit products. In a busy home with two children a cat and dog my carpet gets abused regularly. When it time for cleaning, they clean up beautifully and easily. Our customers love it too!